Blackhawks Community Fund Commitment

Established in 2010 through a unique partnership between the McCormick Foundation and Chicago Blackhawks Charities, the Chicago Blackhawks Community Fund, a fund of the McCormick Foundation, is dedicated to helping Chicagoans by supporting nonprofit organizations serving one or more of the following primary areas:

  • Youth education: promoting literacy and positive educational experiences for at-risk children in grades K – 8
  • Fitness and health: treating individuals suffering the disabling effects of physical injury
  • Families/children at risk: intervention and resource delivery for families experiencing abuse, neglect, homelessness, or requiring indigent healthcare and related issues.

Recipient agencies offer a wide range of services that address specific needs within each primary category. The McCormick Foundation is not able to accept restricted gifts to these areas or donations to a particular agency.

Seeking a Grant

Chicago Blackhawks Community Fund grants are awarded to 501(c)3 designated organizations.

Additional information about the grantmaking program is available.

Seeking an Auction Donation

As an active member of the community, the Chicago Blackhawks support the fundraising efforts of organizations sharing our mission through in-kind donations of tickets, autographed items, and team memorabilia. Information about how to obtain an in-kind donation is available online.

How You Can Help

Together, we can continue to make Chicago a great place to live, work and play hockey. Your help makes a difference! Donations are accepted throughout the year and will be matched at fifty cents on the dollar by the McCormick Foundation. One hundred percent of your gift, plus the match, is granted to local nonprofit agencies. The Foundation and the Chicago Blackhawks pay all administrative and campaign expenses. If you prefer, you can mail your donation, made payable to Chicago Blackhawks Community Fund, McCormick Foundation, 205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 4300, Chicago, Illinois 60611.

Chicago Blackhawks events and game-time activities, such as scoreboard messages, may benefit the Chicago Blackhawks Community Fund. To learn more about these events, promotions, and the team’s community outreach efforts, please visit the Chicago Blackhawks online.

Chicago Blackhawks Community Fund, Chicago Blackhawks Charities, our recipient organizations, and our neighbors in need thank you for your generosity.

Chicago Blackhawks Charities

Chicago Blackhawks Charities supports programs and institutions throughout Illinois that believe in aiding those who are homeless, ill, abused or otherwise at risk; treating individuals suffering from disabling effects of physical injury; promoting health, fitness and teamwork; repressing risk-related behavior such as drug use, gang involvement and crime; and facilitating positive educational experiences. None of the players on the Chicago Blackhawks made it to the National Hockey League alone. It is their duty and pleasure to assist young people in reaching goals of their own.

Through fundraising events, game night initiatives, and the generous donations from fans and corporations, Chicago Blackhawks Charities raises funds to help the community. Events hosted by Chicago Blackhawks Charities may benefit Chicago Blackhawks Community Fund. To learn more about these events, please visit Chicago Blackhawks Charities online.

McCormick Foundation Communities Partners

The McCormick Foundation teams with our sports foundation partners committed to strengthening the core components of civic health that make their communities strong. We assist our partners as they invest in local programs that improve education and promote literacy, stabilize lives in crisis by addressing basic human needs for food, clothing, and housing, and offer support services to children, youth and families in distress. The only program of its kind in the country, the McCormick Foundation Communities Program matches all donations at fifty cents on the dollar. One hundred percent of all gifts, plus the match, is granted to local nonprofit agencies. The Foundation and the sports franchise pay all administrative and campaign expenses.

Disclosure Statement
The Chicago Blackhawks Community Fund is a McCormick Foundation Fund. The IRS has recognized the Robert R. McCormick Foundation as a 501(c)3 organization, registration #36-3689171. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. An acknowledgment will be sent by email for your files.

The Chicago Blackhawks and the McCormick Foundation respect your right to privacy and do not trade or sell donor names. To see the complete privacy policy, click here.


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