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Chicago Tribune Charities Donors


A Richard Steffens
A. Kuzminski
Ada and Bill Bleecker
Adeline Vancl
Agnes March in Memory of Dr. James March
Aimee B. Anderson
Al and Dollie Bajuaz
Al Anderson
Alan And Barbara Oshita
Alan and Donna Baker
Alice Chen and Andrew Campbell
Allan Rohlfs and Karen Hanas
Allie Perlman
American Legion Auxiliary Skokie Unit # 320
Amy Burnett
Andi and  Jay Pine
Andi Lamoreaux
Andrew Kuby
Andrews Family
Andy  and Tracey Lowenthal
Angelena, Lola, Aidan, Roger,  and William Simon
Ann  Carton
Ann and Bob Hein
Ann and Joel Platt
Ann Moriarty Gaskin
Anne and Clayton Weaver
Anne and Dennis OBrien
Anne and Gerard Fancovic
Anne and Larry Johnson
Anne Palumbo
Anne Veit and Doug Nesbitt
Anthony and Christina
Anthony and Frieda Baffa
Arnie Stein
Art Gunther and Carol Shukur
Arthur A Lorch
Arthur L. Frank, MD
Audrey and Frank Griffiths
B Morgan and  J ZIelinski
Baar Family
Barb and Tim Otoole
Barbara Sloan
Barbara Terman Gardner
Barbara Vertel
Barbara Whitney
Barrie & Phyllis Barnett
Ben and Ann Schmid
Bernadette Fahy
Bernadette Ross
Bernard and Thelma  Feig
Bernie Rost
Beth Alpert
Beth And Ed Fitch
Beth and Pieter Van Es
Beth Kaplan
Bette Mitchell
Betty T. Prichard
Beverley Enzinger
Bill  and Sandra Trestrail
Bill and  Harlan Shropshire
Bill And Dede Mcknight
Bill And Elaine Clark
Bill and Kathy Ostrowski
Bill and Liesl Kochanny
Bill and Sue Russell
Bill Nieman and  Rita Nathanson
Bob  and Nina Meixner
Bob  and Robbie Ryan
Bob and Diane Pultorak
Bob and Diane Steffen
Bob And Linda Jagla
Bob and Mary Dunworth
Bob Bencik
Bogaert Family
Brad and Ellen Shorser
Brett  and Tammy Matheson
Brian  and  Kathy Sullivan
Brian  and Katy Rotroff
Brian and  Janet MacPhail
Brian and Jennifer Boehm
Brian and Susan Murphy Family
Brian M. Hayes
Briscoe Family
Bruce and Laurie Cameron
Bruce And Ruth Franks
Bruce Danielson
Bryan Family
Burt Nelson
Burton A Lewis
Burton J Schultz
Calamia Family
Carl and  Joanna Block
Carl and Charlane and Erson
Carl and Rosemary Gilmore
Carmel K. O'Kane
Carol and Dave Behnke
Carol and Michael Malick
Carol Chiang
Carol Derneer
Carole "Mickey" Norton
Carole Van de Kerckhove
Caroline and Paul Riordan
Caroline Di Carlo and family
Carolyn and  Bill Springer
Carolyn P. Yost
Carrie Martin
Caryl And Burt Lasko
Cathy and Ted B.
Cathy McCook and Kevin Parzyck
Char;es Pietri
Charles A Malatesta
Charles A.Tausche
Charles And Karen Bowman
Charles J. Sennet
Charles Rivera Family
Charles Schaden
Charles T. Trimarco
Charlotte Projansky
Cherry Stoddard
Chicago Fastener, Inc.
Chicago Towel Company
Chris and Cara McGowan
Chris Aylward
Chris Carrie Mijal
Christopher Heumann
Christopher Mitsakopoulos
Chritopher and Ann Marie Hill
Chuck and  Judy Miller
Clarence Smith
Clarice Rossi
Clement J. Haberkorn, Jr.
Col. Henry Graham
Colette and Jim Eligator
Colleen and Howard Houcek
Colleen Feeney
Conscisys Corporation
Craig R Reckard
D. I. Watz
Dale and Theresa Dobroth
Dan and Julie Long
Dan and Margaret Russell
Dan and Nadine McQuade
Daniel and Judith Quenzel
Daniel Grzybowski
Daniel Grzybowski
Daniel J. Bak
Daniel Jares
Daniel Miller
Daniel Modes
Danny Holubecki
Dave and  Suzette Stack
Dave and Ann Anderson
Dave and Debbie Seiller
Dave and Lorinda Ivey
Dave and Mary Jo Orkowski
Dave and Sue Misewicz
David Albert
David and  Rebecca Burr
David and Arlene Stix
David and Laima Braune
David and Laurie Leli
David and Marilyn Robson
David C.  and Maureen B. Kelly
david c. pierson
David Connor
David Edelstein
David Edelstein
David Edelstein
David Edelstein
David Edelstein
David Fanta
David G. Harding
David Hiller Family
David J. Behrel
David L. McCormick and Marion B. Adler
David Lowy
David R Garrigan
David R. Gerber
David Shanahan
Dawn and Eric Schubert
Debbi Katz Knowles
Deborah Costabilo
Deborah Gaither
Dee Dolan
Dee Dolan
Delta Greene
Den  and Sue Czurylo
Denis and  Patti Lisauskas
Denise and Earl Thompson
Dennis And Patricia Orourke
Dennis andTerry Fertig
Dennis Sowa
Diana Pascarella
Diane F. Klotnia
Dick and Ann Bennett
Dolores De Mauro
Dolores Pflum
Don and Debbie McNair
Don and Jan Kaufman
Don Evans
Donald and Sarah Fortener
donated on behalf of Donna Murphy (see below)
Donna L. Siemro
Donna Mielke  and Michael Maday
Dorinda L. Shaw
Dorothy Boquist
Dorothy Boquist
Dr Alice Brandfonbrener
Dr And Mrs Peter E Doris
Dr Doris Wineman
Dr.  and  Mrs. Melvin Loeb
Dr. Adrian Brown Kuzel and Mr. Joseph R. Kuzel
Dr. and  Mrs. Richard Mattis
Dr. and  Mrs. Taylor Cope
Dr. and  Mrs. Thomas Skleba
Dr. and Mrs. Dale Schunk
Dr. and Mrs. George Miz
Dr. and Mrs. Gerasim Tikoff
Dr. and Mrs. James Arons
Dr. and Mrs. John Kalis
Dr. and Mrs. Myron Evanich
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Grobe
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Isaacs
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Balsam
Dr. Anne and Mr. John Lannon
Dr. Erwin Goldberg and Ms. Pauline Bentley
Dr. Henri and Arlynn Manasse
Dr. Kathryn Stewart, Matt and Mara
Dr. Pravin Patel
Dr. Prudence Widlak
Dr. Ralph Tamura
Dr. Robert Parsons
Dr. Susan Berger
Dr. Tonda Hughes
Dwain And Kenia
E. T. Stapleton
Earwin F. Brinkman
Ed & Paula Spletzer
Ed and Fran Kipley
Ed Grabill
Edith M. Ballin
Edward Capouch
Edward Fitzgerald
Edward M. Leigh
Eileen A. Murphy, Md.
Eileen D. Coulombe
Elaine Lieberman
Ellen Alekno Wier
Ellen and David Tuchler
Emil J. Fret
Eric and Becky Spratford
Eric and Linda Hochstein
Eric S. Freibrun
Eugene Goszczycki
Evelyn and Ernest Shavitz
Everett and Susan Conner
Everett and Susan Conner
Forrest and Karen Dean
Frank and Diane Shaw
Frank Gorkis and Family
Frank Notariano
Fred and  Mary Sinker
Fred andCindy Farkas
Fred Parker, II
Gadomski Family
Gail and Chris Dallas
Gail and Jerry Swerdlik
Gary and  Jan Batz
Gary Krysler
GAW Services Inc.
Gedz Family
Geoffrey Anderson
Geoffrey Meyer and Rex Babiera
George and Dorann Gerstman
George And Karen Bergstrom
George and Kay Malek
George andTeresa Niiro
George At L Christine Focoler
George L. Speros
Gerald and Sandra Meyers
Gerald D. Skoning
Gerry Garbis
Giri Cherukuri
Glenn And Mary Gabryel
Gloria Bean
Gloria F Herrera
Goes Incentives and Awards
Gover Family
Grant C. Anderson
Green William
Gregory Stanley
Gretchen Bodum and Ron Sipiora
Gretchen Wollerman
Grizzell Family
GT Green
H.R. Loya
Harold and Lois Leach
Harriet Papp
Harry and Debra Amsden
Heidi K. Mayer
Heidi Knack
Helen E Sieben
Henry and Grace Lee
Henry and Janet Gehrisch
Henry And Judith Meurer
Herb Whitlow and Allane Wood
Hilary Hall and Family
Hoo Family
Howard and Dorothy Peterson
Howard and Maryann Fischer
Howard Benario
Hueneburg Financial Group
Hugh F Kelly
Ilene Simmons
Image Sportswear
Imo John, Eva, Rev. John and Sue Krump
In honor of  Elissa and Merideth
In honor of Joanna Greenberg
In Memory Of Charles E. Muller
In memory of Dorothy Dugan
In Memory Of Edward A Jamnick
In memory of Edward Meyers
In memory of Ella Mae Zingery
in memory of Frank and Filomena Broccolo
In memory of Irene E. Maksay
In Memory of Jonathan Herz
In Memory of Jonathan Herz
In memory of Mark and Kisea Lee
In Memory Of Nancy Mix
In memory of Patrick and Dorothy Ryan
In Memory of Steve Sibon Jr.
International Gravity Year 2020
Irene Rundblom
Iris Huntley
Irma Lee in memory of James E. Lee
J Steinmetz
J. M. Process Systems
Jack and  Harriet Ahr
Jack and Virginia Shapiro
Jack Kolb
Jack Williams
Jackie  and Russell Fishman
James and  Linda Sharp
James and Bernadette Roche
James and Darlene Hoff
James and Frances Benbow
James and Nancy O'Leary
James andLaura Proudfoot
James Kaplan
James Obbish
James Petzel
James T. Madej
James T. Madej
James W Renn
Jan Grant
Jan Koors and Jay Tremblay
Jane and Anthony Rothschild
Jane Berman
Jane Labbe
Jason Zakrzewski
Jean and Bob Black
Jean and Dave Reuther
Jean Cattron
Jean Howatt
Jeanne Batalia
Jeanne Cismoski
Jeff and  Jan May
Jeff and Andrea Brown
Jeff and Cathy Martin
Jeff and Karen Stelmach
Jeff Nancy and Greg Warner
Jeffrey And Nancy Couch
Jeffrey Mack and Carol Alderson
Jerry Bonet
Jerry Proffit
Jerry Smith and  Dottie Fugiel
Jim and Alice Snelgrove
Jim and Amy Finn
Jim and Deb Jarka
Jim and Judi Slattery
Jim and Martha Day
Jim and Val Nicholson
Jim Ballowe and Ruth Ganchiff
Jim Burr
Jo Ebert
Joan  and Arthur Schalk
Joan and  Dieter Dietrich
Joan and Jim McVady
Joan and Michael Restko
Joan and Peter
Joan Fortman
Joan Franklin
Joan Jensema
Joan Matz
JoAnne V. Linsell
Joel Shabsin  and Assoc., Inc.
John and Constance Dix
John and Cynthia Tomczyk
John and Jo Ann Moss
John and Kathleen Graff
John and Kim Ruskusky
John and Linda Del Favero
John and Mary Empfield
John and Mary Lynn Craig
John And Naomi Curtis
John and Patricia Ahern
John and Terry Hupp
John and Vida Knab
John Cochrane And Elizabeth Fama
John Deb Lynch
John Dell and Mary Adams
John E. Picchietti
John Jupa
John M. Christian
John Misak
John P Moriarty
John R Smith
John T.  and Christine Burr
John Thullen
Joseph D Holtz
Joseph Emry
Joseph J. Moravecek
Joseph Karen Dix
Joseph L And Karen W Rand
Joseph March
Joyce and Paul Besson
Juan Rodriguez
Judith And Marc Baron
Judith C Block
Judy Frank
Judy Pepper
Julie and Bruce McBratney
Julie and Garrin Kapecki
Julie and Howard Benario
Julie and William Penn
K. Ingwersen
K. Warren
Kahri And Jack Shine
Karen and Tom Phillips
Karen Andreae
Karen Fishman And Anne Ladky
Karen Fishman and Anne Ladky
Karen Petitte
Karen Pierce
Kathleen O'Toole
Kathleen Ranft
Kathy and  Bob Chandler
Kathy Manilla
Kay  and Bill Dodge
Kedzie Law Offices
Keith Allison
Keith and  Wendy Molof
Keith and Cindy Parker
Keith and Teri Schram
Ken  and   Susan Kowall
Ken and Janet Schiffman
Ken and Judy Susmarski
Kengreen Or Holly Wathan
Kenji Yamanouchi
Kenneth Molli and Nancy Hammer
Kenneth Olsen
Kenneth Singer
Kevin  and  Jennifer Hughes
Kevin and Suzanne Murray
Kevin Rasp and Brady Jones
Kim Griffith
Kimberly Donham
KLO Professional Billing Inc
Kris Kenney
Kurt and Katy Timmerman
Lanni Guttman
Lanny andTerry Passaro
Larry and Chris Ranahan
Larry Linden
Laura Dillner in memory of Charles G. Dillner
Laura Egger
Lauren and Barbara Asplund
Laurenel M. Driscoll
Lawerence Corry
Lee Cotton
Leemark Communications
Lena and scott Nicker
Leo and Kelly Zegler
Leroy Keiser
Leskovac Family
Lesley Salvon
Leslie Rinaldi
Linda Annen
Linda Kelley
Linda Macek
Linda Macek
Lisa And Hal Roskin
Lisa and Mark Messaglia
Lisa DiMartino
Lori and Michael Renetzky
Lorraine Norkett
Lou and Fran Klus
Lubna Choudhury And Khondakar Hasanat
Luise Wibitz
Luke Graham
Lyle S. Gritchen
Lynda  and   Richard Hartwig
Lynn and Kevin Nealis
Lynn Besser
Lynn Fesenmyer
Lynn Patinkin
Lynne M. Gordon
M and D Morrissey
M.J. Vandenbroucke, Inc.
Macmunnis, Inc.
Madeline Boney West
Maiorca Family
Marcelo and Elizabeth Halpern
Marcie Pomper
Marcy and  Jon Ruesch
Margaret Farr
Margaret M. Miller
Margaret M. Miller
Marge Michalski  and   Frank Schwerin
Margie Holzkamp
Marguerite L Nelson
Marie andKarl Kroeger
Marie Kruse
Marilyn Michyeta
Mark  and Karin Edwards
Mark and Ann Rymsza
Mark and Janet Hofmeister
Mark And Janice Tauber
Mark and Kathleen Brandfonbrener
Mark Reimer
Mark S. Hillenbrand
Mark Wieting and  Ms. Courtney Ashley
Marlys Newcome
Marni O'Connor
Marshall Froker and Linda Lenz
Martin Freed
Mary and Bob Mallon
Mary and Thomas Grittani
Mary andDale Gerding
Mary Beth Maly
Mary Coradini
Mary Ellen and James Van Ness
Mary Ellen Hendricks
Mary Fran Gast
Mary J Stump
Mary Jane and  Philip Grinstead
Mary Litter
Mary Logan and John Stellberg
Mary Loris Corn
Mary Shah
Mary Skoning
Marya Zajakala
Maryalice Worley
MaryAnn Gregory
Maryann Vintika
Maslanka Family
Matic Family
Matt and Karen Klickman
Matthew A. Nordby
Maureen Holtz
Maureen Riordan
McGonagle Family
Meeker Family
Mel Nudleman
Melanie and Bob Stephens
Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag
Memory Of Jacob and Veronika Faltor
Memory Of Mario And Rose Costa
Memory of Matthew Lazzara
Merrill and Barbara Litchfield
Michael and Beth McCullough
Michael and Diane Beemer
Michael Dessimoz
Michael G Ryan
Michael Gill
Michael Kula
Michael McGarry
Michael Salerno
Michael Winfield
Michelle O'Malley
Mike and Anita King
Mike and Jean Nass
Mike And Kathleen Hayes
Mike and Linda Pillatsch
Mike Korcek
Mimi Sarne
Mohammad Mozaffar
Mona Dubin
Morgan Park Womans Club Cfwc Illinois
Mr  and Mrs Sham Gupta
Mr and  Mrs Gene Brutto
Mr and  Mrs R Matusiak
Mr and Mrs Dale Reitze
Mr And Mrs Gerald Berkowitz
Mr And Mrs Herbert Glassman
Mr and Mrs James Murray
Mr and Mrs Joseph Bettina
Mr and Mrs Joseph V Pacelli
Mr and Mrs Pete Lucnik
Mr and Mrs.Harry Braunlich
Mr Kim Fischer
Mr William Zbylut II
Mr.  and   Mrs. Michael Zielinski
Mr.  and  Mrs. Robert Henleben
Mr.  and Mrs. Arnold Wolfe
Mr.  and Mrs. Richard H. Rosenberg
Mr.  and Ms. Charles Mally
Mr. A Swinford
Mr. Alan Hale
Mr. and  Mrs. Brantley  and  Family
Mr. and  Mrs. Charles Kupris
Mr. and  Mrs. Dennis McGoldrick
Mr. and  Mrs. Dennis McGoldrick
Mr. and  Mrs. Dennis McGoldrick
Mr. and  Mrs. Frank Tobolski, Sr.
Mr. and  Mrs. Harold Croom
Mr. and  Mrs. James Dziadosz
Mr. and  Mrs. James Kuzma
Mr. and  Mrs. James May
Mr. and  Mrs. John Bramsen
Mr. and  Mrs. John Gretz
Mr. and  Mrs. John Lubbe
Mr. and  Mrs. John Tegel
Mr. and  Mrs. Joseph Canny
Mr. and  Mrs. Lawrence Mayerhofer
Mr. and  Mrs. Leonard Maniscalco
Mr. and  Mrs. Lincoln Tamraz
Mr. and  Mrs. Michael McGuire
Mr. and  Mrs. Michael McGuire
Mr. and  Mrs. Michael McGuire
Mr. and  Mrs. Peter Bunce
Mr. and  Mrs. Philip Robinson
Mr. and  Mrs. Richard Loraine
Mr. and  Mrs. Robert Cutler
Mr. and  Mrs. Robert Holst
Mr. and  Mrs. Robert Marlovits
Mr. and  Mrs. Robert Rooney, Jr.
Mr. and  Mrs. Robert Schwarting
Mr. and  Mrs. Robert Sweitzer
Mr. and  Mrs. Robert Tompkins
Mr. and  Mrs. Ronald Labruno
Mr. and  Mrs. Ronald Linka
Mr. and  Mrs. Steve Hotopp
Mr. and  Mrs. Theodore Grabow Jr
Mr. and  Mrs. Theodore Hadley
Mr. and  Mrs. Thomas Jalocha
Mr. and  Mrs. Van Neathery
Mr. and  Mrs. Vincent Bridgeforth
Mr. and  Mrs. William Shack
Mr. and Mr. C. Ahnen
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Podgorny
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Redman
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dargiel
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jacob
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kautz
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Shiner
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wysocki
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fritz
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Janik, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Armand Lanera
Mr. and Mrs. Armen Varzhabedian
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Cajet
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Peart
Mr. and Mrs. Arvey Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Feeney
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mnookin
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Pritchard
Mr. and Mrs. Beauford Bancroft
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Furino
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Roberts, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCleish
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kuzmanich
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Neel
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wexler
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Torcivia
Mr. and Mrs. C. Finn
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Slavik
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Greer
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Cary Horvath
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Achilles
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Renegar
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Covey
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fascione
Mr. and Mrs. Claudia Feeney
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Sisco
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Klbecka
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. David Babczak
Mr. and Mrs. David Berkow
Mr. and Mrs. David Ciarrachi
Mr. and Mrs. David Heinz
Mr. and Mrs. David Howe
Mr. and Mrs. David Hulan
Mr. and Mrs. David Kantor
Mr. and Mrs. David Kress
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Macina
Mr. and Mrs. David Russell
Mr. and Mrs. David Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. David Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. David Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Stearn
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Yohe
Mr. and Mrs. Dieter Strangl
Mr. and Mrs. Don Blume
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Rews
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Farnham
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Glondys
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hickey
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Manhard
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ursin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Yara
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dowden
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gathany
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Gillies, III
Mr. and Mrs. Dushan Petrovich
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bartholomae
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Freza
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brotonel
Mr. and Mrs. edward fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kopriva
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kuchta
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Marsh, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nemergut
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Nyquist
Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Saltwell
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Courtney
Mr. and Mrs. Ergin Uskup
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Tennes
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wickstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Eymard Wisnewski
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bielik
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chomyok
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leone
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McClenahan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Paparelli
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Fredriksen
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Leibow
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Workman
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Workman
Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Spain
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Prohov
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Polacek
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Engelman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kukla
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. George Bailie
Mr. and Mrs. George Harvestine
Mr. and Mrs. George Messenger
Mr. and Mrs. George Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rogowski
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Stachelski
Mr. and Mrs. Ghanshyam Thakkar
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Babula
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Davie
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon France
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Skarstad
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Suhling
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory White
Mr. and Mrs. Gus and  Kathy Kirch, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wiebking
Mr. and Mrs. Hamid Raja
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Field
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Seveerns
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Klages
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hay
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Klemann
Mr. And Mrs. Howard Moser
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pollack
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Kramsky
Mr. and Mrs. J. Drake
Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Ash
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Griem
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McKeever
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mentzer
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Payan
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Polivka
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schmetterer
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tessier
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. James Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. James Berglind
Mr. and Mrs. James Bisek
Mr. and Mrs. James Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. James Cunnane
Mr. and Mrs. James Fanning
Mr. and Mrs. James Frazier
Mr. and Mrs. James Fredrick
Mr. and Mrs. James Geis
Mr. and Mrs. James Harder
Mr. and Mrs. James Herst
Mr. and Mrs. James Hiner
Mr. and Mrs. James Hosking
Mr. and Mrs. James Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. James Massarello
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hommer
Mr. and Mrs. James Piantanida
Mr. and Mrs. James Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. James Valdez
Mr. and Mrs. James Van Zandt
Mr. and Mrs. Jashwanti Bodhanwala
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lieblich
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Litman
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Cheop
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Thrall
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lurquin
Mr. and Mrs. Jim McInerney
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spalding
Mr. and Mrs. John Aitken
Mr. and Mrs. John Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. John Beale
Mr. and Mrs. John Corey
Mr. and Mrs. John Craig
Mr. and Mrs. John Faulhaber
Mr. and Mrs. John Fosberg
Mr. and Mrs. John Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. John Gramlich
Mr. and Mrs. John Hartmann
Mr. and Mrs. John Hearn
Mr. and Mrs. John Impens
Mr. and Mrs. John Karoly
Mr. and Mrs. John Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. John Knoepke
Mr. and Mrs. John Ley
Mr. and Mrs. John McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. John Moriarty
Mr. and Mrs. John Palmer, III
Mr. and Mrs. John Paskvalich
Mr. and Mrs. John Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. John Seaman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Streit
Mr. and Mrs. John Winter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bialas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Di Grazia
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gemini
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ogrodnik
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rand
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sanek
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Warzecha
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Day
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Holub
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Griebenow
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Hedlund
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pergande
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pych
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Brands
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Rewers
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Caltvedt
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bourjaily
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Munaretto
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Melnicoff
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Moulthrop
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pedersen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Siekierski
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Lavin
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Lipson
Mr. and Mrs. Melferd Bose
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Koenigs
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Belletire
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Borkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fonte
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Maggio
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pettersen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Philipp
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael White
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Brenner, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Ruboyianes
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Sodersten
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Zych
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Beyer
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Eallonardo
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Gates
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Nilssen
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cichanski
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Slivka
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Balter
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Claytor
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fetyko
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Misiunas
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rimington
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Szczurek
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Reinhard
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Theis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter White
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. R.Scott Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Randal Jaffe
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Sweitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wicklander
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Armandi
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baron
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Benzinger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bull
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Danielson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Doerr
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Vyborny
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ehorn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Flood
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Forde
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilford
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hrejsa
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kieffer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Manner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Voboril
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Weichle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard White
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Serva
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eder
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Funk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hahn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kastenholz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kroeplin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Love
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loveman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perkaus, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rettger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strauss
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trompeter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wheelhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Willwerth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zaun
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rabehl
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Weddige
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tesarik
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bellio, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rozgo
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Albores
Mr. and Mrs. Rukmini Srinivasan
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Harrop
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Schwass
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ogrizovich
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Galloway
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Koncel
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Macomber
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pettersen
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Vogg
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Sil Argentin
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Yaffe
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Steve McKay
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Reich
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kloba
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Krakowski
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Weldon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Breier
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cohrs
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoogland
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maske
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Panozzo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reinemann
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Trausch
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yurco
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Aurand
Mr. and Mrs. Valfrids Kaspar
Mr. and Mrs. Van Gathany
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Yipp
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Lovelle
Mr. and Mrs. Vinicio Tresin
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Moy
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Van Swol
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Woodworth
Mr. and Mrs. William Awe
Mr. and Mrs. William Bockelman
Mr. and Mrs. William Boucek
Mr. and Mrs. William Diggins
Mr. and Mrs. William Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. William Gordon Md.
Mr. and Mrs. William Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. William Herber
Mr. and Mrs. William Klein
Mr. and Mrs. William Lidinsky
Mr. and Mrs. William Percival
Mr. and Mrs. William Powell
Mr. and Mrs. William Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. William Schmalzl
Mr. and Mrs. William Vollrath
Mr. and Mrs. William Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. William Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William Woods
Mr. And Mrs. Williamm H. Robb
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Peacock
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Fortsch
Mr. and Mrs.Stephen Drysch
Mr. and Ms. Celso Aurelio
Mr. and Ms. George Varney
Mr. and Ms. Joseph Rivkin
Mr. and Ms. Richard Decker
Mr. andMrs. Robert A. Wynbrandt
Mr. Andrew Rolfe
Mr. Arthur Dixon
Mr. Arthur Niwinski
Mr. Arthur Smith
Mr. Avrom Simon
Mr. Bernard Kachinsky
Mr. Bernard Tkaczyk
Mr. Braun William and Ms. H. Sammel
Mr. Brian Vander Molen
Mr. Bruce Acas
Mr. Bruce Erler
Mr. Bruce Martin
Mr. Bruce Moser
Mr. Bryan Eddy
Mr. Carl Nodus and Ms. Elisabeth Gilgen
Mr. Charles Aufdenkampe
Mr. Charles Dahlgreen
Mr. Charles Engel
Mr. Charles Macke
Mr. Charles Weitzenfeld
Mr. Christopher Gerrib
Mr. Craig Cinotto
Mr. D. Moritz
Mr. Daniel Krause
Mr. Darrel Grove
Mr. Darryl Smith
Mr. David Ambrose
Mr. David Burmeister
Mr. David Holmes
Mr. David Simmons
Mr. David Suarez
Mr. David Suttle
Mr. David Walther
Mr. David Woodman
Mr. Dennis Lord
Mr. Donald Lohenry
Mr. Douglas Brann
Mr. Douglas Larsen
Mr. Edward Flynn
Mr. Edward Jacobson
Mr. Edward McCabe
Mr. Edward Tranovich
Mr. Eric Jensen
Mr. Frank Orto
Mr. Frank Post
Mr. Franz Burnier, Jr.
Mr. Frederick King
Mr. Garey Schmidt
Mr. Gary Eide
Mr. Gary Hanson
Mr. Gary Miller
Mr. Gene Doerr
Mr. Geoffrey Horner
Mr. George Iwanowski
Mr. George Lehner
Mr. George Wray
Mr. Gregory Padgett and Ms. Marie Castaneda
Mr. Harry Bryan
Mr. Harry Hutchins
Mr. Harvey Van Dam
Mr. Herbert Miller
Mr. Irving Savin
Mr. J. Gimbel, III
Mr. Jack Thiel
Mr. Jack Uretsky
Mr. James Barnash
Mr. James Faulhaber
Mr. James Lagerhausen
Mr. James Levin
Mr. James Parrilli
Mr. James Robinson
Mr. James Stellars
Mr. Jan Plate, Jr.
Mr. Jay Murphy
Mr. Jeffrey Esterman
Mr. Jeffrey Fortman and Mrs. Michele Medhurst
Mr. Jeffrey Matthews
Mr. Joel Koplos
Mr. John Anderson
Mr. John Bonkoske
Mr. John Fernandez
Mr. John Hrupka
Mr. John Luecker
Mr. John MacDonald
Mr. John Quinn
Mr. John Samaritano
Mr. John Stoecker
Mr. John Stroud
Mr. John Teofilo
Mr. Joseph Aguanno
Mr. Joseph Balaz
Mr. Joseph Calandra and Ms. Theresa Zecca
Mr. Joseph Lesniak
Mr. Joseph March
Mr. Julio Bizarro
Mr. Julius Steinberg and Ms. Marietta Marcin
Mr. Karl Phillips
Mr. Keith Edmonson
Mr. Kelly Mote
Mr. Ken Malito
Mr. Kenneth Rosenzweig
Mr. Kenneth Schubert
Mr. Kevin Adler and Ms. Beth Reiner
Mr. Kirby Cannon
Mr. Kirk Hoffman
Mr. Kurt Haunfelner
Mr. Kurt Van Tine
Mr. Lane Esptein
Mr. Laurence O'Mara
Mr. Lawrence Rowe
Mr. Lester Sutker
Mr. Lewis Taman
Mr. Louis Viverito
Mr. Marc Bieler
Mr. Marc Ungar
Mr. Mark Frank
Mr. Mark Gannon and Ms. Kathleen Cox
Mr. Mark Johnson and Ms. Judith Wright
Mr. Mark Macur
Mr. Marshall Keltz
Mr. Martin Steinhorn
Mr. Michael Begich
Mr. Michael James
Mr. Michael Kirk
Mr. Michael Klupchak
Mr. Michael Marek
Mr. Michael Meschino
Mr. Michael P. Cohen and Ms. Lisa A. Goldberg
Mr. Michael Schroeck
Mr. Michael Thiel
Mr. Milton Carson
Mr. Monte Craig
Mr. Nathanael Brown
Mr. Neville Bryan
Mr. Patrick Murphy
Mr. Paul Caccia
Mr. Paul Melvan
Mr. Paul Ryding
Mr. Paul Vander Welle
Mr. Paul Waas
Mr. Peter Karamitsos
Mr. Peter Sawers
Mr. Peter Sutter
Mr. Philip Gusich
Mr. Raymond F. Kulawiak
Mr. Raymond Lilly
Mr. Richard Cinert
Mr. Richard Landgraff
Mr. Richard M. Clark
Mr. Richard Pracht
Mr. Richard Saigh
Mr. Rick Kozma
Mr. Robert Blahunka
Mr. Robert Craig
Mr. Robert Delo
Mr. Robert Foote
Mr. Robert May
Mr. Robert Mueller
Mr. Robert Sadzak, II
Mr. Robert Samson
Mr. Robert Vancl
Mr. Robert Wojtalewicz
Mr. Robert Zarse
Mr. Rodney Austin
Mr. Roger Cantlin
Mr. Roy Birch
Mr. Roy Speck
Mr. Ruben Jackson
Mr. Russ Westby
Mr. Ryan Hartley
Mr. Salvatore Dispensa
Mr. Samuel Kirshenbaum
Mr. Shamel Shawki
Mr. Sherwin Rossett
Mr. Stanley Laskowski and Dlorah Adam
Mr. Stephen Schoenrock
Mr. Stephen Skiest
Mr. Steven Adams
Mr. Thaddeus Syper
Mr. Theodore Haley
Mr. Theodore Jung, Jr.
Mr. Theodore Marx
Mr. Thomas Coonan
Mr. Thomas Denio and Ms. Laura McKee
Mr. Thomas Denio and Ms. Laura McKee
Mr. Thomas Denio and Ms. Laura McKee
Mr. Thomas Hogan
Mr. Thomas King
Mr. Thomas Pembroke
Mr. Thomas Swiatkowski
Mr. Timothy Amrein and Ms. Janet Chin
Mr. Tony Guanci
Mr. Urs Geiser
Mr. Vernon Beyer
Mr. Victor Wojtowicz
Mr. Vince Maloney
Mr. Vito Mastrangelo
Mr. W. Sanders
Mr. Walter Soderstrom
Mr. Wesley Cunningham
Mr. William Bermann
Mr. William Blomquist
Mr. William Costello
Mr. William Deuel
Mr. William Dunn
Mr. William Prindiville
Mr. William Pry
Mr. William Redmon
Mr. William Romaniuk
Mr. William Stickland
Mr.& Mrs.Ronald Stone
Mr.and  Mrs. Ronald Stone
Mr.and Mrs. R.Scott Cummings
Mrs and  Mrs. James Economos
Mrs and  Mrs. Michael Sobczak
Mrs and Mr. Carol Colby
Mrs and Mr. Martha M. Corcoran
Mrs and Mrs. David Dansart
Mrs and Mrs. Louis Nusinson
Mrs Ann Cotter
Mrs Geoffrey Plampin
Mrs Harold Himmel
Mrs Jacqueline Carlson
Mrs Marion Vice
Mrs Mary Leidinger
Mrs Paul T Bayer
Mrs Wilda Brolley
Mrs. and  Mr. Mary P. Dolan
Mrs. and  Mr. Nadine M Bowlby
Mrs. and  Mr. Suzanne L. Poggio
Mrs. and Mr. Ann H. Brown
Mrs. and Mr. Geraldine B. Zaremba
Mrs. and Mr. Jacqueline Tlusty
Mrs. and Mr. Joan LaBeck
Mrs. and Mr. Julie Backas
Mrs. and Mr. Lisa C. Johnson
Mrs. and Mr. Mary J. Edelman
Mrs. and Mr. Sandra Boves
Mrs. and Mr. Suzanne R. Shevitz
Mrs. and Mrs. Richard Sieracki
Mrs. Ann Spratt
Mrs. Carol A. Brenner
Mrs. Donna De Vita
Mrs. Doris Koober
Mrs. Elizabeth Altman
Mrs. Elizabeth Cross
Mrs. Estelle Latkovich
Mrs. Frances Rehfuss
Mrs. Grace Johnson
Mrs. Helga Bidawid
Mrs. Joan Berger
Mrs. L. Washington
Mrs. Lois Hansen
Mrs. Maureen Woodall
Mrs. Norma P. Bissett
Mrs. Robert Tice
Mrs. Rochelle Magid
Mrs. Sally Chapralis
Mrs. Stephen Carlson
Mrs. Susan Mendelewski
Mrs. Virginia Paquet
Ms Diane Friel
Ms Janet Hartz
Ms Mildred Chromcik
Ms Pat Crowley And Mr John Loebach
Ms. Adelaide Weinstein
Ms. Amy Stewart
Ms. Anastasia Lisa
Ms. Ann Nestor
Ms. Ann Sayvetz
Ms. Anne Bermier
Ms. Arlene Lahna
Ms. Arline Hoban
Ms. Audrey Reynolds
Ms. Baiba Liepins
Ms. Barb Richter
Ms. Barbara Arnold
Ms. Barbara Bere
Ms. Barbara Boggs
Ms. Barbara Hoff
Ms. Barbara McDermott
Ms. Barbara Wiley
Ms. Bernadine Reckert
Ms. Betty T. Rooney
Ms. Betty Veihman
Ms. Beverly Grabow
Ms. Beverly Meyer
Ms. Beverly Smith
Ms. Bonnie Tamillo
Ms. Brenda Dorsey
Ms. Canella Woyar
Ms. Carol Schaffer
Ms. Carol Thorne
Ms. Carole Slavens
Ms. Carolyn Landwehr
Ms. Catherine Knuth
Ms. Catherine Merman
Ms. Catherine Smith
Ms. Cathy Huffman
Ms. Centennnia Quilters
Ms. Charlene Touzil
Ms. Cheryl Bentley
Ms. Cheryl Mack
Ms. Cheryl Nolan
Ms. Christine Anderson
Ms. Chrysa Lippert
Ms. Claire Repsold
Ms. Clare Toffenetti
Ms. Colleen Nichols
Ms. Connie Fabbrini
Ms. Cynthia Knuth
Ms. Cynthia Stomberski
Ms. Debbe Stein
Ms. Debra Hale
Ms. Dennis Mingalia
Ms. Diane Collins
Ms. Diane Keenan
Ms. Dolores Hanna
Ms. Donna Mikovich
Ms. Donna Voigtmann
Ms. Doris Becker
Ms. Dorothy Allen
Ms. Dorothy Piekos
Ms. Dorothy Spatafora
Ms. Eileen McMahon
Ms. Eileen Rogacki
Ms. Elaine Northen
Ms. Elaine Plummer
Ms. Elena Savoy
Ms. Elinor Turbov
Ms. Elizabeth Beiser
Ms. Elizabeth Drapa
Ms. Elizabeth Harrison
Ms. Emlyn Eisenach and Mr. Eric Posner
Ms. Evelyn Geary
Ms. Fern Allison
Ms. Francis Egan
Ms. Georgean Goldenberg
Ms. Geraldine Kriser
Ms. Ginny Gemmell
Ms. Grace Hofbauer
Ms. Gretchen Winter
Ms. Hazel Levinthal
Ms. Helen Carlock
Ms. Helen Kroon
Ms. Helen Tondu
Ms. Jan Hall
Ms. Jane Berca
Ms. Janet Kosmin
Ms. Janet Susskind
Ms. Janice Deegan
Ms. Janice Razaq
Ms. Janis Herschkowitz
Ms. Janis Johnston
Ms. Jean Pavela
Ms. Jeanette Deacon
Ms. Jennifer Blessman
Ms. Jill Jacob
Ms. Joan Abdul
Ms. Joan Castro
Ms. Joan Crowley
Ms. Joan Dean
Ms. Joan Hampton
Ms. Joan Papp
Ms. Joan Scheel
Ms. Joan Wieland
Ms. Joanne Brunner
Ms. Joanne Heal
Ms. Josephine Heller
Ms. Joyce Stevens
Ms. Joyce Wandel
Ms. Judith Anderson
Ms. Judith Cohen
Ms. Judith Dobkin
Ms. Judith La Rose
Ms. Judith Novicki
Ms. Judith Phillips
Ms. Judith Riordan
Ms. Judith Sherman
Ms. Judith Weik
Ms. Julia Kelley
Ms. Julie Woiteshek
Ms. Karen Driver
Ms. Karen Holyoke
Ms. Kathleen McKee
Ms. Kathleen Moriarty
Ms. Kathleen Shuster
Ms. Kathryn Brankin
Ms. Kathy Katz
Ms. Kim Pack
Ms. Kristine Rapp
Ms. Kristine Urbauer
Ms. Laura Zuckerman
Ms. Laurdene Guy
Ms. Laurel Stewart
Ms. Lauretta Uscian
Ms. Leslie Kates
Ms. Linda Johansen
Ms. Linda Stagemeyer
Ms. Linda Uhlir
Ms. Linda Vertrees
Ms. Lisa Culp
Ms. Lois Guerin
Ms. Lorraine Fogarty
Ms. Lucy Begala
Ms. Madelyn MacMahon
Ms. Mardelle Vonderohe
Ms. Margaret Barnard
Ms. Margaret Collins
Ms. Margaret Folkers
Ms. Margaret Mosgers
Ms. Margaret Phillips
Ms. Margie Barilich
Ms. Marie Patterson
Ms. Marilyn Cushing
Ms. Marilyn Miller
Ms. Marjorie Slocum
Ms. Marsha Hunter
Ms. Mary Brooks
Ms. Mary Dickenson
Ms. Mary Fivizzani
Ms. Mary Hogan
Ms. Mary Jo Atten
Ms. Mary Littlefield
Ms. Mary Maloney
Ms. Mary Nalbandian
Ms. Mary Naughton
Ms. Mary Scharringhausen
Ms. Mary Schmultenmaer
Ms. Mary Shannon
Ms. Maureen Mullally
Ms. Maxine Noonan
Ms. Maxine Willett
Ms. Michele Eisele
Ms. Mita Patel
Ms. Myung Kyun Cha
Ms. Nancy Chamberlain
Ms. Nancy Mickelson
Ms. Nancy Riley
Ms. Nancy Roth
Ms. Nancy Stachnik
Ms. Nancy Wilson
Ms. Noreen Fitzgerald
Ms. Norma Bennett
Ms. Norma Orsi
Ms. Pamela Frontzak
Ms. Pamela Murphy
Ms. Patricia Clickener
Ms. Patricia Dragisic
Ms. Patricia Miller
Ms. Patricia Ramirez
Ms. Peggy Kuna
Ms. Ramune Miglinas
Ms. Rosalba Schmidt
Ms. Rosina Grieshaber
Ms. Sally Beaumont
Ms. Sally Harper
Ms. Sally Jensen
Ms. Sandra Riggs
Ms. Sandra Vasek
Ms. Sandy Scheel
Ms. Sharon Johnson
Ms. Sharon Natanek
Ms. Sharon Salveter
Ms. Sharon Schulz
Ms. Sharon Wild
Ms. Sharon Wilson
Ms. Sharon Wilson
Ms. Sheila Jacklich
Ms. Sherry Johnson
Ms. Sidney Wotman
Ms. Sue Uyeda
Ms. Susan Bordes
Ms. Susan Holt
Ms. Susan Nelson
Ms. Susan Parpart
Ms. Susan Raaths
Ms. Traci Breen
Ms. Tracy Burnham
Ms. Velda Lloyd
Ms. Vicki Fagerstrom
Ms. Virginia Blair
Ms. Vivian Landon
Mullins Food Products
Muraoka Family
Muriel Haase
Myra and Jeffrey Hersh
Myrtle Heim
Nancy and  Dave Jordan
Nancy Ethiel
Nancy Peltzman
Nancy Temple
Nancy Thompson
Nancy Valangeon
Nick Adams Family
Nicole and David Braun
Nicole and Keith Benziger
Nigel D. Staite
Nihar Parikh
Nimmi Mehta
Noel Conroy
Nona and Richard Jones
Nondi Orazi and  Terry Walsh
Noreen Roddewig
Norm and  Judy Soep
Norman And Doris Libman
Orth Family
Pamela and Rodney Pasyk
Pamela Burr
Pat And Barb Nevins
Pat and Bob Eischen
Pat And Ken Merle
Pat Petrie
Patricia A. Curtis
Patricia A.Cardenas
Patricia Cotey
Patricia Kallio
Patricia Larkin
Patricia Long
Patricia M. Hogan
Patricia Vastalo
Patrick and Robin Dawson
Patsy And Bob Graves
Paul & Kathy Sons
Paul and Lynn Klassman
Paul and Mary Wild
Paul Bell
Paul Cronin
Paul D. Moss
Paul Naselli
Paul Schwartz
Pearl Ryan
Peggy L. Ishikawa
Penelope Vahl Niedoborski
Perma-Seal Community Foundation
Peter And Carolyn Barrett
Peter and Heather Norton
Peter Conway and Bernadette Elam
Phillip and Jill Maxwell
Phyllis and Howard Cohn
Phyllis Shapps
Priscilla Daley
R. Mark Bell
R. Ranji
R. Zygmunt Family
Rachel S. Goldstein
Rajesh, Smriti, Pulkit, Monu and Aayush
Ralph Kinser
Randy Koch
Ray  and Dorothy Lindsay
Ray and  Dorothy Lindsay
Ray Doherty
Raymond Hill
Rebecca Everett
Rebecca Moskowitz
Rebecca StClair
Rev. andMrs. Gilbert Furst
Rev. Hugh Fullmer
Rich and Arlene Eckert
Richard and Janet Jones
Richard and Sylvia  Dresser
Richard Brewer and Mary Ann Schwartz
Richard F. Young
Richard Helman and  Clinton Meininger
Richard Hughes Engraving
Richard J Obrien
Richard Paskin
Rick and  Marie Lloyd
Rick West
Rita and Michael Mann
Rives and Kirsty Collins
Rob and  Cindy Paterkiewicz
Robert and Carol Smith
Robert and Debbie McC.
Robert and Frances Robson
Robert and Nancy Below
Robert and Nancy Schroeder
Robert andKimberlee Little
Robert Hinchsliff
Robert J. Kudder
Robert L. Leonard
Robert Lawson
Robert Leonard
Robert M. Currie
Robert Wolf
Roger and Pam Lundstrom
Roger Reason  and Nancy Bent
Roland and  Karen Porter
Roland Rodgers
Roman Roxkewycz
Ronald J. Cuchna
Ronald Leganger
Ronald W. Thomas
Rosalie and George Goldberg
Rosalyn M Wilson
Roslyn Brosten
Roy Ellis
Roy Holmgren
Russ  and   Jo Pflieger
Ruth Swislow

Ruth V. Wagerer
Sally Prager
Sana Hakim
Sandra Cowen
Sandra Cuprisin
Sandra Orr
Sandra Popik
Sara Gordon
Saul and Katy Chafin
Schnurbusch Family
Schreiber Family
Scott  and   Francoise Price
Scott and  Milette Fauque
Scott and Maryanne Mcewen
Sharon A O'Donnell
Sharon and Jack Zoldan
Sheila R. Grunert
Shelley B. Blair
Siegel Decorating Company
Silberstein Orthodontics
Silvia  and Robert Kaplan
Silvia and Robert Kaplan
Sona Kalousdian And Ira D. Lawrence
St. Viator School
Stan Cebrzynski
Stan Staszewski
Stazak Insurance Agency,  Inc.
Stephen and  Barbara Stillman
Stephen and Karen Thompson
Stephen and Mary Weeks
Stephen Long
Steven and Angela Petta
Steven and Deborah Klonowski
Steven and Irene Lakowski
Steven and Stephanie Domiano
Steven andEileen French
Sue and Steve Rasher
Sue Hed and John Doty
Sue Pastin
Susan  and Tony Tobiasiewicz
Susan B. Rubnitz
Susan B. Rubnitz
Susan Goedke And Chris Woodard
Susan Rogers And Richard Stephenson
Susan Schauwecker
Suzy Krueckeberg
Sylvia Gorman
Tad Kolke and Christina Tomaso
Takeko A Nomiya
Tedd and Cate Nelson
Teddy Greenstein
Terri and  Scott Robery
Terri DeJong
Thad and Diana Rasche
The Barsano Family
The Brewe Family
The Chang Family
The Deans
The Erich Wolter Family
The Ford Mcdonald Family
The Fujimoto Family
The Geiger Family
The Grant Family
The Hale Foundation
the Krieger Grumbine Family
The Linder family
The Mattsons
The Palka Family
The Rey Family of Oak Park
The Shaulis Family
The Tam
The Venators
The Werking Family
The Zinkann Family
Therese And Tom Altergott
Thoman Tennison III
Thomas and  Paula Shapiro
Thomas and Josette Morel
Thomas and Merry Lachowiez
Thomas Cotter
Thomas F Lowry
Thomas F. Nehring
Thomas Fosselman
Thomas L. Byrne
Thomas R. and Lynn Fisher McCanne
Tim Street
Timothy and Diana Reincke
Timothy E. O'Connell
Tom and  Carol Sarsfield
Tom and  Lila Di Canio
Tom and Cathy Morgan
Tom and Kathy Elwood
Tom and Lila Buchta
Tom and Martha Biede
Tom and Pat Wascher
Tom Lengacher
Tom Taube
Tony Anandappa
Ty Cobb Electric, Inc.
Uwe Bonde
Val and Joe Splavec
Valentina Tikoff
Valerie Egem
Vanesa R. Jackson
Vicki Jenkins
Vincent and Kathleen Giamalva
Viola Brown
Virginia Boehme
Virginia March
Virginia Parr
Viva Usa Inc
Wallace Klein
Walter  and Marie Roth
Warren C. Gerler
William  and Phyllis Wilkens
William and  Linda Fenske
William And Carol Ewald
William And Harriette
William and Marcia Szabo
William and Mary Summers
William and Virginia Cassin Family
William Aquilino
William Buchman and Lee Lichamer
William Leiner & Mary Munro
William Marshalla
William McGuire and Marilyn Dunn
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