Foundation Staff

Board of Directors
Dennis FitzSimons – Chairman
John Madigan
Ruthellyn Musil
Scott Smith
Don Wycliff


Executive Team
David Hiller – President & Chief Executive Officer
Donald Cooke – Senior Vice President, Philanthropy
David Granat – Chief Investment Officer
Rebekah Levin – Director of Evaluation & Learning
Louis Marsico – Senior Vice President, Operations
Melinda Rosebraugh – Treasurer


Senior Staff
Clark Bell – Senior Advisor, Democracy Program
Ray DeBiase – Chief Information Officer
Paul Herbert – Executive Director, Cantigny First Division Museum at Cantigny Park
Bill Koll – Director, Communities Program
Matt LaFond – Executive Director, Cantigny Park
Anna LauBach – Director, Special Initiatives / Veterans Programs
Michael Nass – Executive Director, Cantigny Golf
Oscar Regalado - Human Resources Director
Sara Slaughter – Director, Education Program
John Sirek – Director, Civics Program
Eli Williamson – Director, Veterans Program
Philip Zepeda - Director of Communications


Tonya Pitrof – Executive Assistant
Aaron Smith – Administrative Officer


Lisa Bryant – Communications Officer
Brad Lash - Webmaster/Web Content Strategist
Francisco Martinez - Communications Associate
Abigayle T. Pfeiffer –Senior Communications Officer
Jeff Reiter – Senior Communications Manager
Philip Zepeda - Director of Communications


Molly Baltman – Assistant Director / Grantmaking
Noreen Castor — Senior Development Officer
Sharon Cleghorn – Senior Program Administrator
Krista Dimberg – Administrative Officer
Lesley Kennedy — Senior Program Officer
Bill Koll – Director
Jan Miller – Administrative Officer
Lori Neumann - Development Officer
David Pesqueira – Senior Program Officer
Kashif Shaikh – Program Officer
Jim Struthers – Assistant Director / Communities, Chief Development Officer


Clark Bell – Senior Advisor
Janice Belzowski – Program Officer
Courtney Brouwer – Assistant Director, Philanthropy Special Projects
Jennifer Choi – Program Officer
Shawn Healy – Resident Scholar and Director of Professional Development
John Sirek – Director


Lindsay Alvis-Cochrane – Senior Program Officer
Christy Serrano – Program Officer
Sara Slaughter – Program Director


Nakita Burrell – Director of Finance and Administration
Dolores Lee – Accounts Payable Clerk
Melinda Rosebraugh - Treasurer
Dennis Welch – Controller
Shirley Wen – Staff Accountant


Human Resources
Oscar Regalado – Human Resources Director
Mario Bastida – Human Resources Generalist


Information Systems
Ray DeBiase – Chief Information Officer
Frank Hays – Information Systems Analys


Special Initiatives
Anna LauBach – Program Director


Eli Williamson – Program Director
Megan Everett – Program Officer
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