Democracy Program

The Democracy program focuses on three pillars essential to a strong democratic society: civic education and engagement; high quality journalism that informs and engages the public; and government institutions and practices accountable to the people. Woven throughout the program is a focus on the civic empowerment gap and support for the First Amendment.


The Democracy Program seeks to build a system of Civic Education throughout Illinois that ensures individuals have the knowledge, skills, and will to pursue a rich and productive civic life. We place an emphasis on bridging gaps in civic engagement within and across socio-economic, racial and ethnic lines.


The face of journalism is changing but its critical role in our democracy is not. The program therefore seeks to strengthen journalism's role in fostering and strengthening democratic practices and participation.


The people of Illinois deserve a government that is open, honest, responsive and effective. To this end, the Democracy program invests in efforts to improve the Structure and Management of our governmental institutions as well as the engagement between government and citizens.

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