Our Logo

Learn how to use and co-brand the McCormick Foundation’s logo. Logo files are available for download below.

Logo Usage

The logo is the primary element of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation’s visual identity system. It must appear in one of the approved configurations on all official external communications. The logo may not be modified in any way. The logo is available to users in multiple formats. The decision about which configuration to use should be based on the audience and space.

Primary Logo


The primary logo can be used in external communications as long as the organization’s full name appears elsewhere on the communication piece.




About Co-Branding

The McCormick Foundation logo may be displayed with other logos — for example, when multiple entities sponsor/endorse an initiative or event.

The McCormick Foundation’s informal logo will make a more practical choice for co-branding with multiple entities.

Adjust the size of the logos to make them appear visually equal. Insert a thin rule between logos. The rule can be black, Pantone® 431 gray, or — if on a dark background — white. The rule should be the height/width of the tallest/widest logo.


It is essential to the brand identity that the McCormick Foundation logo is displayed correctly. Always use the correct typefaces and the correct relative position and size of all elements.

  • Do not distort any portion of the logo.
  • Do not tilt the logo.
  • Do not crop any portion of the logo.
  • Do not substitute typefaces.
  • Do not rearrange components of the logo or alter their alignment.
  • Do not apply a drop shadow, bevel/emboss, glow or any other effect to the logo.

Ask Us

For questions related to logos or marketing, or to request logos in vector format, please email communications@mccormickfoundation.org.