McCormick Foundation Communities Fund

When you donate to the Robert R. McCormick Foundation Communities Fund, you help expand opportunities for every Chicagoan, regardless of ZIP code, race, or income. We’re working together with local organizations, community leaders, and donors to help ensure every child gets a quality education, every adult has a pathway to stable employment, and every family has access to health and wellness services.

Local organizations receiving grants from the McCormick Foundation are rising to the challenge in these tough times to help their client, thanks to generous support from donors like you.

McCormick Match

Your donation is matched at 50 cents on the dollar. We turn every $1 you donate into $1.50. Then, we cover all expenses associated with your donation and pass along 100% of your gift — plus the 50% match — directly to local nonprofits working to solve the most pressing challenges in Chicagoland communities.


Your support helps dozens of organizations provide healthy, enriching activities to counter gangs, drugs, and violence. Through programs delivered by our partner organizations, children benefit from safe, after-school facilities, where mentors demonstrate how to resolve conflict in a nonviolent manner.