Help low-income children, families and adults improve their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Approach

The Communities Program helps to transform communities by giving underserved people access to programs which improve their lives.  The Robert R. McCormick Foundation partners with media outlets, sports teams and philanthropic organizations to raise money for local needs and provides matching funds to increase the impact of charitable giving.

Through the partnership, grants are made to qualified nonprofit organization with programs that help transition low-income children, adults and families to self-sufficiency. To achieve greater impact, the Foundation focuses on programs for children and youth in education, literacy, health & wellness and abuse prevention; hunger & housing; and adult workforce development and literacy. The McCormick Foundation is committed to measurable change and monitors the impact of all grants made.

Since 1990, thanks to people’s generosity and the momentum provided by our partners, the Foundation has raised more than $500 million, provided matching funds and awarded more than $750 million in grants to thousands of agencies across the United States in our partner’s communities.

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