Cantigny (can*TEE*nee)

Named after the French village, scene of America's first victory in WWI. The Battle of Cantigny took place on May 28, 1918.

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Cantigny Park: Gardens, Museums and Golf

Discover the Gift of a Lifetime

During Robert R. McCormick’s early years, he spent summers with his grandfather, Joseph Medill, at Medill’s home, Red Oaks Farm, in suburban Wheaton, IL.  McCormick loved the grand estate, which he later renamed Cantigny.  He chose the name because of his experiences as a soldier in the Battle of Cantigny, France, the first American victory of World War I.  The Colonel commanded an artillery battalion of the U.S. Army’s First Division.

McCormick enjoyed spending time at Cantigny. His passions included horseback riding, hunting, experimental farming, reading and writing surrounded by his extensive library of books about history, the First Amendment and military science.  The Colonel often hosted First Division reunions and other veteran groups.

McCormick died in 1955 at age 75. His will established the Robert R. McCormick Charitable Trust and designated Cantigny as a public space for education and recreation.  It was an extraordinary gift!  Today, as part of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Cantigny Park continues to enrich the community.  Annual visitation is well over 200,000.

Cantigny Park is home to the First Division Museum (military history) and the Robert R. McCormick Museum, the Colonel’s former residence.  Visitors can also enjoy nearly 30 acres of spectacular gardens, widely regarded as a horticultural masterpiece. Cantigny hosts dozens of special events, concerts, lectures and workshops throughout the year.  The southern half of the estate features an award-winning 27-hole golf course, the Cantigny Golf Academy and the 9-hole Cantigny Youth Links.  Dining and banquet facilities are available throughout the 500-acre property.

We invite you to visit Cantigny Park and walk through history, enjoy nature, and create lasting family memories.

To make a donation to support programs at Cantigny, visit our donation page.

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