At the McCormick Foundation, we are committed to igniting the spirit of service in our communities and demonstrating that spirit in our own actions. Service is at the heart of our mission and is a value shared by everyone at the Foundation.

When our benefactor, Colonel Robert R. McCormick, answered the call to public service, one of his first acts was to “clean up” the Chicago Sanitary District, which he referred to as a festering swamp of patronage and corruption. Because of his legacy, we understand that sometimes citizens have to get deep in the “muck” to make positive changes in their communities.  We encourage and enable our employees to do just that. 

Like McCormick, we try to lead by example.  We give our employees the opportunity to participate in a variety of community projects across the Chicagoland area.  Employees are given four Service Days a year to volunteer with a charity of their choice. The Foundation acknowledges and matches the effort by contributing $500 to each organization.

We believe that staying connected to the community nurtures responsible grant making and responsible citizens.  The spirit of service can transform communities—and help turn around some of society’s greatest challenges.   As we learned from McCormick and his example—there’s no feat too large when people work together for change.         

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