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Chicago Tribune Charities, a fund of the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, is committed to ensuring that at-risk kids and families across Chicagoland have access to programs that will allow them to realize their full potential.

Grants are provided through Chicago Tribune Charities to nonprofit organizations with programs focused on:


The complete grant guidelines, application procedures and additional information for Chicago Tribune Charities are available online. 


Letter of Inquiry (LOI) Process

Workforce Development- Letter of Inquiry (LOI) currently closed for the 2017 grant cycle

Child Abuse Prevention and Trauma Treatment - Letter of Inquiry (LOI) currently closed for the 2016 grant cycle.

Child and Youth Education- Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process is closed for the 2016 grant cycle.

Adult Literacy - Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process is currently closed for the 2016 grant cycle.

Chicago Tribune Charities

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Molly Baltman - Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment; Workforce Development
Arianna Cisneros - Child and Youth Education
David Pesqueira - Literacy
Please click here to review Letter of Inquiry deadlines.

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The Chicago Tribune is proud of its long-standing tradition of helping those in need across Chicago and the suburbs. Deepening the commitment, the Tribune partnered with the Robert R. McCormick Foundation in 1990 and established Chicago Tribune Charities, a McCormick Foundation Fund.

Through Chicago Tribune Charities, grants are made to local nonprofit organizations making a difference for low-income children, adults and families. These qualified nonprofits provide life-changing programs that offer year-round education and mentoring; a supportive place to turn when coping with the effects of abuse; help so the unemployed find jobs with renewed skills and confidence and the opportunity for adults and children to learn to read, furthering progress and career advancement.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and readers, and the 50% match from the McCormick Foundation, those less fortunate in our communities have a chance to improve their lives. With all expenses paid, 100% of donations, plus the match, is granted across Chicago and the suburbs. Since inception, over 5,000 grants totaling more than $117,000,000 have been invested.

Chicago Tribune Charities believes in creating communities that thrive. Together, we are building a stronger Chicagoland for tomorrow by investing in our children, adults and families today.

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