Guidelines for Funding Consideration

Orlando Magic Youth Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund supports eligible organizations and programs that help low income children, youth and families access services to overcome obstacles impeding progress out of poverty and towards stabilization and self-sufficiency.

Funding consideration is given once per year to programs that meet criteria in one of three funding areas (please see below for further information on funding areas). Programs must demonstrate evidence of impact through measurable client outcomes. Read the foundation's Program Evaluation Guide.

Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

The Letter of Inquiry application process is now closed for 2016. Please contact Stephanie Allen for further information.

Grant Application Process for 2016 Grants

  • Grant applications are by invitation only, please contact Stephanie Allen at the Orlando Magic for further information.

Application Requirements

Eligible organization/programs will:

  • Have 501(c)3 federal tax-exempt status
  • Demonstrate one full year of program services and outcomes
  • Demonstrate a strong financial position
  • Serve residents in Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties
  • Report strong measurable outcomes and meet grantmaking criteria in one funding area

Ineligible funding requests:

  • Capital campaigns, endowments or other reserve funds
  • Public or private schools
  • Government agencies
  • Programs that do not fit funding guidelines or grantmaking strategies

Funding Area and Grantmaking Strategies

Child & Youth Education: This funding area supports agencies with established academic intervention program strategies in one of four transition stages that serve academically underperforming children and youth.  Priority is given to programs that track student performance outcomes.  The stages includes: (1) K-3rd Grade Reading Proficiency. Required outcomes include demonstrated reading grade level scores on a standardized literacy assessment pre/post test. (2) Middle-to-High School Transition. Required outcomes include demonstrated improvements in middle school core course performance, increase in school attendance, successful transition to high school, demonstrated 9th grade "on-track" status (C or better letter grade in core courses); (3) Postsecondary Access. Required outcomes include demonstrated improvement in high school core course performance (GPA tracking), attendance, comprehensive college preparation services, and high school graduation and college enrollment rates. (4) Postsecondary Persistence. Required outcomes include college matriculation, access to academic and non-cognitive support services and completion.

Health and Wellness:  This funding area supports three specific categories for established programs providing access to affordable, high quality health care services to low income residents in underserved communities:  (1) Community Health Centers (preferably for those with an FQHC designation), in addition to some mobile health clinics; (2) K-12 School-based Health Centers; and (3) Agencies operating childhood obesity prevention and/or treatment programs. Only eligible programs reporting client outcomes will receive funding consideration.

Homelessness: This funding area supports prevention services and/or long-term housing strategies with multiple wrap-around services for individuals and families. Eligible programs include: (1) homelessness prevention programs that provide short-term financial support (i.e. rent, utilities, mortgage) to maintain current housing; and (2) supportive and transitional housing (six months or more) programs that effectively demonstrate impact by tracking clients who transition into and maintain more permanent and/or stable housing.

If you have any grantmaking questions, please contact:
Molly Baltman, McCormick Foundation, Program Officer, 312.445.5022
Stephanie Allen, Orlando Magic Youth Fund, Foundation Administrator, 407.916.2644

If you have any administrative or process questions, please contact:
Jan Miller, McCormick Foundation, Administrative Officer, 312.445.5040

The McCormick Foundation does not make grants to programs that would financially benefit the Orlando Magic.


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