Public Safety

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Interrupting Violence with Opportunity

We have seen firsthand how community-based efforts are interrupting violence. Improving public safety starts with creating viable paths to economic opportunity, including workforce training, health care, and jobs.

In alliance with community partners, we are investing in violence prevention and intervention across a continuum, from youth with limited opportunities to learn and grow to individuals with a history of gun violence. Our investments are tailored to each population and are confronting the root causes of the problem with the powerful antidotes of opportunity and hope.

Applications for funding are extended by invitation only. At this time, unsolicited letters of inquiry are not accepted.


For children, teens, or young adults who are not at risk for involvement in violence but reside in communities most impacted by violence, activities such as academic enrichment, mentorship, leadership development, and job readiness may prevent future involvement in violence.


For children, teens, or young adults who present certain risk factors, such as trauma exposure, low academic achievement, history of behavioral health issues, lack of adult role models, and lack of positive peer relationships that make them vulnerable to gang/violence engagement, more support is necessary. In addition to the above activities, programs might provide interventions that include cognitive behavioral therapy, intensive case management, and psychiatric care.

Deeper Intervention

For individuals with a history of gun violence and involvement and active participation in gang violence, intervention might include street outreach, connection to employment, workforce development, education, legal services, victim services, and behavioral health services