Northern Trust Foundation

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The Northern Trust Foundation works to broaden opportunities for Chicago’s youth ages 16 to 24 years old on the South and West Sides by increasing access to essential needs that support them in fulfilling their potential and achieving long-term financial success.

Northern Trust and the McCormick Foundation together launched the Northern Trust Fund in 2022, which distributed more than $2.3 million to 52 grantees in its first year.

McCormick Match

The McCormick Foundation matches funds raised at 50 cents on the dollar. We pay all campaign and administrative expenses, so one hundred percent of all donations, plus the match is granted to qualified nonprofit organizations.

2022 at a Glance



Total Funding

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Programs Funded

nonprofit organizations benefitted in 2022

Average Grant Size

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Educational Excellence

Low-income youth attend and complete college at a much lower rate than their peers. Funding is prioritized for programs that support students “to and through” college or alternative pathways to careers.

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Food Security

Youth who experience food insecurity are more likely to struggle in school and face both mental and physical health challenges. Funding is prioritized to organizations focused on increasing access to, awareness of, and participation in free food distribution programs and services, and to increase participation in state and federal nutrition assistance programs.

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Accessible Healthcare

The transition from child to adult healthcare is a greater challenge for low-income individuals. Funding is prioritized to hospitals, healthcare centers, and community organizations providing physical or mental healthcare.

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Affordable Housing

Stable housing can serve as the foundation for a secure future. Funding is prioritized to organizations assisting young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with access to safe and permanent housing.

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